"Smart Active Team"

We believe each human have their own potential and uniqueness become somebody they want.

With this believe we working together to empower, inspire and motivate you to create the life of your dreams.

Saturday, 25 February 2012



  • Get people together and just start thinking
  • Ask yourselves "what do we stand for?" "what is it we're trying to do?"
  • Lets name ourselves
  • Create a statement that outlines your group's mission, its values, and its guiding principles.


  • Be Present:
  1. Our 'little voice' is one of the biggest barriers to active listening. Choose to be present.
  2. Focus on the speaker and the message.
  • Learn to want to listen

  1. We must be willing to focus on the others when they are speaking.
  2. Learn to develop an interest in either the person and/or the topic.
  3. Practice concentrating on the speaker-words and feelings.
  4. Practice shutting distractions out, not allowing them to interfere with your effective listening.
  • Become a "whole body" listener
  1. To be active listeners, we must involve our whole body. Not only our ears tuned in, but so are our eyes, our intellect, our bodies.
  2. Good listeners give nonverbal and verbal signs that they are listening.
  3. They sit in an attentive posture; nod in acknowledgement; make good eye contact; convey a positive, encouraging attitude, give feedback.
  • Control your emotional "hot buttons"
  1. Words, issues, situations, prsonalities can be emotional triggers for us.
  2. When these issues trigger out "hot bottons", we tent to distort, positively or negatively, the message we are hearing. We may tune out or pre-judge the message and/or the speaker.

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