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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


The combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient. A group consists of more than ane person, each of whom typically has different responsibilities. Teamwork actions is perform by a team towards a common goal.

A team can be defined as a group of people:
  • with different skills
  • often with different tasks
  • who work together towards a common project
  • with a meshing of functions
  • and with mutual support

A team also includes seven (7) common elements:
  1. Common purpose
  2. Interdependence
  3. Clarity or roles and contribution
  4. Satisfaction from mutual working
  5. Mutual and individual accountability
  6. Realisation of synergies
  7. Empowerment

It is important to a teamwork to have:
Members support the purposes and take direction from it for their work. Lack of clear purpose is one of the most frequent difficulties groups encounter. Members are often suprised that the group's purpose isn't as clear to others as it is to themselves.

Open and direct enough to be able to honestly discuss any problem it faces. Including its own performance and problems related to performance.

Sufficient leadership within the group. Including designated leader/managers for relevant tasks.

Group regularly reviews how it's going in several vital areas:
  • Relevance of work to what is required.
  • Quality of work as compared to client expectations.
  • Progress of work as compared to require timelines.
Group has appropriate organizational structure.

Adequate resources exist for group to perform its functions well:
  • Member skills
  • Tools
  • Systems
  • Facilities
  • Budgets
Quality which makes a group greater than the sum of its parts. It rests on the tangible support given by one team member to another.
  • Esprit de corps
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Collective wisdom
  • Deeper commitment
  • Greater resourcefulness
  • Thougher resilience

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